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1. DHL international express service

The Shengri logistic is one of the first grade authorized agents of DHL Hong Kong Company in the home market, specializing in handling express items through DHL Hong Kong to all over the world. The company holds the operating system and internal logistics system provided by the DHL, the tracks of goods could be actively checked by customers through the shengri international site (/). The company is charactered at its good service, fast transit time, convenient query, safety and reliability.

2. International air transport operations

The Shengri logistic with excellent team is currently cooperating with the AA, AF, BA, BR, CA, CX, EK and other Airlines and providing grade services to the clients as the feedback.

The main agent in Guangzhou: CA, CZ, TG and other international aviation business.

The main agent in Hong Kong: EK、GF、PO、UPS and other international aviation business.

3. International shipping business

The company, with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai as the centre, carries out the Import and export freight forwarder service and sets up cooperation relationship with the CSCL, ZIM, MSC and many other large carriers, having advantages of service and price in Europe, North America, Australia, the Middle East and many other routes.

4. UPS FEDEX international express service

The Shengri logistic is one of the first grade agents of UPS FEDEX in the home market. And the convenient service, which is in the charge of professionally staff, can transit in Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as distribute the UPS FEDEX rotates odd number in advance.

5. Pickup and delivery service in Hong Kong and mainland

The Shengri logistic affords the service of self-picked bulk cargo from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and the local delivery service in Hong Kong and also provides the Hong Kong's Asia container terminals and warehousing delivery services in the new airport of Hong Kong. It is easy to operate the service. The customers of self- picking are asked to prove the goods and offer the telephone number of receivers while those of Hong Kong delivery service enjoy secure and punctual services if only they provide address and telephone details of receivers.

5. Transit and transport services

We are engaged in the exportation and importation of the articles among mainland, Hong Kong and many other countries. All freight service: air to air, air to land or land to land (import). We also offer other services such as handling the transit service for customers, allowing them to transfer the goods as soon as possible.

6. The general trade import-export declaration service

The Shengri logistic owns professional customs declarers, supplying customers with Import-export declaration agency and connecting with International and Hong Kong express business. The customs fees are charged per ticket while the freight is charged in kilograms. It costs only one day to finish both the import and export declaration and the work of shipping, returning the verification sheet within ten days.