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        ShenRiLogistics constantly regards human resource as the most precious and core resource of the enterprise. In particular, it values the supplement of freshness in the personnel and recruits competent people widely, centering on manpower demand in various stages of development strategies. The process of recruitment is based on the guidance of Scientific Outlook on development and the insistence on humanism. ShengRi determines the recruit policy based on the enterprise's overall development strategy, designs positions and selects appropriate people according to the practical demand of management and development in different departments. Therefore, the recruit operation is performed with system and the quality of employment is constantly progressing. As a result of the continuous expansion of assets and business scale, ShengRi's recruitment broadly involves several industries and fields, including international shipping, contemporary air transport logistics, and International express delivery, etc. Moreover, ShengRi welcomes elites who are accomplished in finance, trade, law and administration to join in. People in ShengRi are earnest and innovative. It is expected that elites who are joining ShengRi can approve its idea and culture sincerely, love logistics career, and give play to professional skills to make brilliant achievements with passion and broad minds.

        The wide sea allows the fish to leap about and vast sky the birds to fly.All talented people are acclaimed to board the "ShengRi Ship" to start the journey towards realization of the value of life and career goals. In the journey, people of ShengRi will surmount all obstacles with courage and fearless attitudes to make brilliant achievements.
         Based on the enterprise's and employees' actual needs, ShengRi Logistics and its subordinate departments establish annual staff training plans of various levels and types, including operation, knowledge renewal, capability and quality enhancement, and qualification training. It ensures that every employee of ShengRi can receive the corresponding training program at a specific stage of his or her career development. Moreover, so as to ensure high pertinence and efficiency, the staff training programs are performed in different forms, such as lecture, short-term workshops,overseas exchange and independent trainings. At the same time, through the various forms of training, the vigor and passion studies of the workforce are significantly enhanced by the combination of incumbency and suspension, domestic and abroad, and theory and practice. In particular, the ShengRi Talent Project, which is implemented since 2010, views the core elite selection and training in the strategic perspective. In succession, the elite training drives the overall staff training. Finally, ShengRi effectively maintains the value of the human capital and also strengthens employees' sense of belonging and responsibility to the enterprise. Consequently, the mutual communication between decision makers and employees are promoted, and the enterprise cohesion and culture are strengthened and well shaped.
        Through practice, ShengRi enriches the form and approach of staff training, innovates in training mechanism and system, and encourages employee to study continuously and perpetually. ShengRi helps make study become employee's self-conscious behavior and provides strong support and guarantee of human capital for the goal of making the best international China logistics brand.